Yocan UNI Box Mod

Yocan UNI Box Mod
Yocan UNI Box Mod

Yocan UNI Box Mod is a vaping mod for vaping oils. It’s ideal for vapers who want to move their vaping experience to the next level and leave simple vaping pens behind. Unless you are a really demanding vaper, this product brings you the experience of using a vaping mod with an affordable price tag.

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By Vapospy Team on June 4, 2024
Yocan UNI Box Mod

When you pick the Yocan UNI Box Mod from the box, especially if you are new to vape mods, you will notice that it needs a cartridge to work. This is a standalone product you need to buy separately to use it. The cartridge is the container that holds your vape oil.

Looking at the Yocan UNI Box Mod, the opening for the cartridge is located on the top, where we can also adjust the wheel frame. In the front, going further down, we can find the power button with indicators, a window to check how much oil is in the cartridge, and the slider that adjusts the space for the cartridge, allowing for yet another customization. The charging port is located on the side of the device.

650mAh Battery keeps it going strong

The 650mAh battery certainly packs a powerful punch. This vape mod translates to extended battery life and some pretty strong hits.

Fully charged, this device could last you for a couple of days, so you can imagine taking this when camping, hiking, or any place with limited energy power.

This depends on the length and frequency of your puffs, so please bear that in mind.

Micro-USB charging port offers a universal charging experience

The Yocan UNI Box Mod comes with a micro-USB port for charging, which means you can charge it with any micro-USB charging cable you still have.

This is super handy because you’ll never need to worry too much about losing the charging cable. Micro-USB cables are widely available at any electronics store if you lose them.

Your cartridge is double-secured by a magnet and a wheel frame.

The magnet holds the cartridge from the bottom while the adjustable wheel frame grips it from all sides.

Thanks to this technology, you have a lower risk of your cartridge falling out and spilling your vape oil or breaking/damaging the cartridge.

3 Heating modes let you customize your vaping experience

The Yocan UNI Box Mod comes with 3 heating modes, each of which represents a different voltage.

You can go for low, medium, or high voltage to customize the strength of your hits and improve the vaping experience to your liking.

Yocan UNI Box Mod Video

Here is a Yocan UNI Box Mod video review that demonstrates its features and how it’s used:

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x Yocan UNI Box Mod
  • 1 x Magnetic 510 Base
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable


  • Brand / ManufacturerYocan Tech
  • Type: Portable Vaporizer
  • Features:
  • Usage:510 Oil Cartridges
  • Temperature control:Preset Temperatures
  • Energy Source: Battery
  • Delivery Method:Direct
  • Origin:USA
  • Charging Cable:Micro USB
  • Temperature Settings:3 preset settings
  • Heat-up time:10 seconds
  • Size:7.5 x 3.7 x 2.6 cm
  • Recharge Time:60 min
  • Battery capacity:650 mAh

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