Volcano Digit

Released back in 2007, the Volcano Digital is a premier desktop vaporizer from German manufacturers Storz and Bickel. It is hard to imagine a world in which the Volcano is not a substantial presence among vaping devices. With innovative technology that began with their patented and unique detachable balloon and continues today with the computer-controlled temperature system.

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When the Original Volcano came out in 2000, the vaporizer community looked nothing like it does today. The Volcano vaporizer is a real living legend. If you are looking for best-in-class performance and reliability, the Volcano Digit is not going to disappoint you. There is no such thing as a Volcano “beater,” it is one of the best (if not the best) vaporizer available for purchase today. This digital version provides a forced-air desktop vaporizer quality with some futuristic new features, including a slick digital display.

Best in Class
The quality of Storz and Bickel’s devices is unquestionable. They are also responsible for making the new and very popular Mighty and Crafty+. Meanwhile, the Volcano (digital and Classic) remains almost universally acclaimed. Storz and Bickel run such a proper operation that they are prominently involved in the creation of new technology (like their built-in air filtration) for medical uses all over the world, including at their factory in Tuttlingen, Germany. Tuttlingen is commonly known as the home of the world’s greatest medical inventions.

Simple and Proven Quality With a Twist
Storz & Bickel providing a 3-year warranty with every Volcano, though many keep theirs for decades. It’s very safe to say some of the original Volcano Classics are still functioning perfectly to this day. The Digital takes the same quality and improves upon it; the computerized temperature control is capable of pinpointing temperatures down to every specific degree. One of the primary design rules for the Volcano is to separate the user from the heating process, and none have come closer to eliminating meddlesome combustion than Storz and Bickel. This medical-grade precision results in a possible increase of potency of up to 75% with both the Classic and Digital.

Another improvement for the Digital is the addition of an auto-off function, making it even more convenient just to set and forget it.

2 Types of Valves

Along the way, Storz and Bickel have improved upon the original technology that rocketed them to the top of the vaporizer world. Principally, they have improved the valves that are required to attach the balloons to the device. Because of that,
here are the 2 different styles you can choose from for your Volcano Digital Vaporizer:

Solid Valve
This valve features a metal valve production that relies on placing individual balloons directly onto the valve. There is a bit more work with this option, as it requires you to fit the valve with the balloon material (provided initially by S&B, though you can also use generic oven bags once you run out). However, the valve itself will likely last as long as the device. It is a less expensive option that will last a little longer with a bit more upkeep.

Easy Valve
With this set-up, you will receive a pack of plastic valves that are attached to a pre-made balloon. All you have to do is attach the valve to the device, that’s it. A single valve/bag combos should each last for about 150 uses. This option is a little more expensive but far more convenient.

Here is a short video explaining how you operate the Volcano Digital’s valve system.

Volcano Digital Video

Watch the Volcano Digital in action and get an in-depth look at the ins-and-outs of this legendary desktop vaporizer. Pay specific attention to the instructions regarding valves, and you will be all set to begin your Volcano Digital experience.

What’s in the Box

  • 1x Volcano Digital vaporizer
  • 1x Solid or Easy Valve Balloon Set
  • 1x Herb Grinder
  • 1x Instruction Manual
  • 1x Liquid Pad
  • 1x Normal Screen Set
  • 1x Air Filter
  • 1x Cleaning Brush
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