Vaporfection viVape 2

Vaporfection viVape 2

The viVape 2 is an innovative and discreet herbal desktop vaporizer utilizing convection technology. With this device, you have the choice of whether inhaling the thick vapor via a tube or by balloon function. The method of the patented Vapor Glass™ technology ensures optimal positioning of the elements. Consequently, that provides a very effective heat/airflow and avoids any impurities of your vapor. Further, even experienced users appreciate features like temperature sensor technology and the set-it-and-forget-it-function. The viVape 2 is profoundly user-friendly and, therefore, also suitable for beginners.


The manufacturer Vaporfection developed this advanced vaporizer; you can control it by a touchscreen. After assembling, the Vapor Touch™ system offers remarkably simple operation. Made in the USA, the device has an automatic shutdown and cooling control. Apart from that, this desktop vape looks stylish and works effectively.

Hose or balloon
With this vaporizer, you have the choice of whether inhaling the thick vapor as usual via a tube or using the balloon function. The balloon method storages the vapors for several hours without loss of taste or effect. Moreover, the filling is done in only 1.5 minutes. In contrast to many other vapes, the viVape 2 is pretty quiet and has no loud ventilation noise. In addition, a valve ensures effortless handling of the balloon.

Patented set-it-and-forget-it function
The patented set-it-and-forget-it function saves the last set function and recreates it at the power-up. Thus, you can start with the same basic conditions. Therefore, generating all settings again is not necessary. When the desired temperature has been reached, the touchscreen display changes from red to green. Blue indicates where to put the hose or balloon.

One of the quietest
The desktop vaporizer scores with almost no current noise level, both in the hose and in the balloon mode. Due to the hardly existing ventilation noise, the viVape 2 is one of the quietest on the market.

Fast heating – constant temperature
A highlight of this device is the patented vapor-sense technology, which quickly reaches a constant temperature of 190°C. As a result, this prevents the herbs from burning. Of course, it is possible to set the temperature lower. Another advantage is the automatic switch-off function.

viVape 2 Video

With the viVape 2 you can choose between the hose and balloon function. In the following video, you will not only see what distinguishes this vaporizer but also how to use it correctly.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x ViVape 2
  • 1x Glass Mouthpiece
  • 1x Medical grade hose
  • 1x Wand/whip glass container
  • 1x Vapor valve
  • 1x Stir stick/tool for screen replacement
  • 1x Power cord incl. EU adapter
  • 2x Bags – custom tapered
  • 2x Medical grade cable ties
  • 6x Screen replacements
  • 1x Manual (English)
  • 1x Registration card
  • 1 Year warranty

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