The VIVANT VLeaF is a dry herb vaporizer that offers the benefits of herbs without the harmful side effects of smoke. It offers a 2800 mAh battery, LED indicators, and USB charging.

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By Vapospy Team on June 4, 2024

The VIVANT VLeaF is a pen-style dry herb vaporizer, suitable for those who want to vape actual herbs instead of oils, waxes, or vape juices and liquids.

The vaporizer is powered by a 2800 mAh battery and utilizes LED indicators to tell you what temperature setting you are currently using as well as display the battery level.

VIVANT VLeaF has a chamber that contains the dry herb product, which is then heated to your desired temperature level. This vapor provides you with all the effects and benefits of the herb without inhaling hazardous smoke particles.

Adjustable temperature

The vaporizer comes with five temperature settings you can switch between by using the button on the bottom. The VIVANT VLeaF heats up in 60 seconds.

The settings are as follows:

  • 370° F
  • 383° F
  • 395° F
  • 408° F
  • 420° F

This feature comes in handy when vaporizing because different herbs contain different substances that need different temperature levels. One example is dried tobacco leaves, and cannabis flowers since cannabinoids and nicotine vaporize at different temperatures.

Convenient charging

The VIVANT VLeaF supports micro-USB charging, allowing for a versatile charging experience. Since many other devices use USB charging ports, with VIVANT VLeaF, you don’t need to worry about carrying an extra charging cable.

According to the manufacturer, the recharge time should be approximately 2 hours, and the battery should last you up to several days, depending on your usage.

LED indicator

Apart from the temperature settings, the LED indicators also indicate the battery life, which is displayed right after you turn on the device.

Here is how it’s displayed:

  • Battery Level 1-19%: •
  • Battery Level 20-39%: ••
  • Battery Level 40-59%: •••
  • Battery Level 60-79%: ••••
  • Battery Level 80-100%: •••••

Double-press the button to switch between the temperature settings and use the LED indicators as a guide.

Water pipe friendly

The VIVANT VLeaF has a unique feature in the shape of a water pipe adapter. This essentially works like a plug and replaces the mouthpiece.

Just insert your vaporizer with the adapter attached into the bong or water pipe and enjoy the dry herb vaping effects and benefits while retaining the water pipe/bong experience.


Here’s a video showcasing the VIVANT VLeaF:

What’s in the box?

  • 1x VLeaF
  • 1x Packing Tool
  • 1x Silicone Sleeve
  • 1x Cleaning Brush
  • 1x Water Pipe Adaptor
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x Extra O Ring
  • 1x Stainless Steel Mesh (Mesh Number: 200)


  • Brand / ManufacturerVivant
  • Type: Pen Vaporizer
  • Features: Water Pipe Compatible
  • Usage: Dry Herbs
  • Heating Technique:Hybrid (Convection / Conduction)
  • Temperature control:Preset Temperatures
  • Energy Source: Battery
  • Material:Ceramik
  • Delivery Method:Direct
  • Chamber/oven material:Ceramic
  • Temperature Settings:5 preset settings
  • Heat-up time:30 seconds
  • Recharge Time:120 min
  • Battery capacity:2800 mAh

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