Sticky Brick Flip Brick

Sticky Brick Flip Brick
Sticky Brick Flip Brick

The Flip Brick by Sticky Brick Labs is the most affordable and smallest member of the Sticky Brick family yet. It's a full convection vaporizer powered by butane, made with high-quality hardwood and sturdy Borosilicate glass. Plus, a WPA (water pipe adaptor) Brick connects directly to a water attachment.

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By Vapospy Team on June 4, 2024
4.7/5.0Tested By Vapospy

Sticky Brick updated its Flip Brick vaporizer in 2019. It’s a little bigger than before, measuring 7 x 6.2 x 4 cm. The Brick fits around 0.25 to 0.3 grams of dry herb in the chamber, providing pure 100% convection vapor without electricity.

Fits glass waterpipe or j-hook

Unlike “the giant” Hydrobrick Maxx, this Brick sits upright and does not need as much practice as the Hydrobrick. The Flip Brick provides two different-sized male joints; 14.4mm and 18.8mm. You can swap these stems on the WPA brick and then connect the male piece to the female fitting on your water bong or J-hook.

No charging needed

The Flip Brick doesn’t have a battery. Instead, powered by a butane torch, included empty upon purchase. This feature makes the device portable and will never stop working because of a dead battery. You’re all set as long as you have a jet-flame light and herb.

Long flame intake

Compared to the previous Flip Brick, this updated version has an extended heat intake. The taller glass intake creates a more lengthy flame intake to prevent accidental combustion due to tiny particles bouncing back up. Therefore, it is crucial to remove the Brick moments before you end your draw.

Handcrafted materials

The company manufactures the Flip Brick in the USA. Sticky Brick Labs makes the wooden bricks by hand and hand-blows the glass, giving this vaporizer a natural and authentic look and feel. There are several choices of hardwood like other StickyBricks.

Sticky Brick Flip Brick Video

This video explains how to use the Flip Brick vaporizer.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Sticky Brick Flip Brick Vaporizer
  • 6x Screens
  • 3x Stir Sticks (2 Wooden and 1 Stainless Steel)
  • 2x Male Glass Connectors (18.8mm and 14.4mm)
  • 1x Handheld Torch (Shipped Empty)
  • 2x Restrictor Discs
  • 1x User Manual


  • Brand / ManufacturerSticky Brick Labs
  • Type: Portable Vaporizer
  • Usage: Dry Herbs
  • Heating Technique: Convection
  • Temperature control:Analog
  • Energy Source:Lighter / Flame
  • Material: Wood
  • Delivery Method:Direct
  • Origin:USA
  • Weight:110 grams
  • Size:7 x 6.2 x 4 cm
  • Chamber capacity:0.3 grams
  • Warranty infos:
    • Lifetime warranty
    • * 15 days for glass

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