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Last update: 7th February 2019

The PUFFiT-X is the perhaps the easiest convection vaporizer to conceal, especially if you’re the type of person that likes to take their vapor on the road. Thanks to the unconventional medical inhaler look. The PUFFiT-X has evolved a lot since the original PUFFiT vaporizer was released. The PUFFiT-X prides itself on being the first one of its kind to also come with forced air feature in such a portable package.


The PUFFiT-X is a rebirth of the PUFFiT vaporizer. Discreet Vape was pleased with the reaction and decided to go back to the drawing board to provide some great new features. The appearance of the PUFFiT-X is the most prominent factor; an inhaler goes a long way to hiding in public places. Pull it out and have a session anywhere you’d like. Not to mention, with the forced air system provided by the internal fans, this vaporizer has one of the easiest draws available from a portable system.

Micro fan
Part of the appeal to having forced air in the PUFFiT-X is that it allows you to commit to the “inhaler” deception fully. There’s no huffing, puffing, or coughing involved. Even the fan can be set to a lower setting, eliminating almost all the noise it made. Pre-load the chamber and puff while you go.

Other than merely looking like something that a 10-year-old would pack in with their school lunch, the PUFFiT-X has other design features that make it one of the world’s most discreet portable vaporizers. It can also fit quite comfortably in a closed-fist grip due to its diminutive height. The device is under 4 inches tall and just over an inch wide, making it about the size of a large key fob or a tiny remote control. When you aren’t using its stealth functions, it also comes with a handy stand to charge and display your device.

Powerful new features
Discreet Vape has done their homework with this new device and tackled some of the main issues people have with the original PUFFiT or the PUFFiT 2. One of the problems was the difficulty in getting vapor out of the original device. The PUFFiT-X solved this problem by adding a fan inside that will force the vapor out in a more satisfying way. The PUFFiT-X has 8 different heating settings ranging from 150°C to 220°C. All of this heat is available after only 30-45 seconds of heating up.

Rapid charging
For vapor enthusiasts, the best aspect of the PUFFiT-X is the convection heating. With an additional fast charging feature, it makes everything even better. The PUFFiT-X battery lasts for about 2 hours, which should be enough for an entire day of vaping. However, the best part is its ability to charge to about 80% power in around an hour.

PUFFiT-X Video

The following video showcases all of the great features of the PUFFiT-X. The design itself is something that you need to see in action. It’s also handy to see how the separate parts fit together so you can start vaping immediately after purchasing a PUFFiT-X vaporizer.

What’s in the Box

  • 1x PUFFiT-X Vaporizer
  • 1x Silicone heat guard
  • 1x EZ-Fill Funnel
  • 1x Cleaning/Packing Tool
  • 1x AC Charger
  • 1x USB Charging Cable
  • 1x Replacement Screens
  • 3x Replacement Mouthpieces
  • 1x Device Stand
  • 1x Carrying Case


The PUFFiT-X vaporizer is one of the unique devices around. You will feel comfortable taking this device to your next concert or festival. The forced air function is fascinating as some portable devices make it difficult to create large clouds. There’s no problem like that with the PUFFiT-X. However, a faster fan speed does generate some noise and may draw attention. Therefore, you would not want to take this device out into the public that is silent. Otherwise, it is an excellent device for any outdoor excursion.

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