Puffco Cupsy

Puffco Cupsy
Puffco Cupsy

The Puffco Cupsy is a water pipe that looks like your everyday coffee cup. Designed for flower consumption, the device is super discreet and portable, making it the perfect device for travel and smoking on the go.

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By Vapospy Team on June 4, 2024
Puffco Cupsy

Puffco has done a great job of shaping the Cupsy water pipe into a simple reusable coffee cup for a discreet flower-smoking experience.

Its unique design allows users to hide it in plain sight and enjoy a smooth smoke wherever they go with their coffee cups.

The water pipe features a hidden ceramic bowl and a foldable mouthpiece and is designed for optimal water filtration.

Highly portable, the Cupsy is the perfect companion for all your travels and on-the-go adventures.

Quality Materials

The Puffco Cupsy has no electrical parts. Made of BPA-free plastic, the interior of the bong is stainless steel and offers a significant cooling effect on the smoke.

The herb bowl is made of ceramic and is secretly hidden in the lid. A silicone tab secures the bowl for easy removal and safe handling.

Thanks to the heat-resistant silicone sleeve, the Cupsy is comfortable to hold.

Innovative Design

The materials used are excellent, as is the design. The flower bowl can be hidden away in a storage compartment, out of sight when not in use. The mouthpiece is bent and designed to be leak-resistant. The percolator system has a multitude of slits to provide you with optimal water filtration.

Plus, if you already own a Puffco Budsy – the water bottle bong- you will be happy to know that the bowl and attachment are compatible with it. Welcome to the Puffco Family!

Super Discreet and Portable

With its coffee cup appearance and bowl hidden under the lid, it is almost impossible to tell at first glance what the Puffco Cupsy is. The insulating silicone sleeve only adds to the disguising power. You can easily keep it on your breakfast table, and no one will suspect that it is not a reusable coffee cup unless they have one, too, of course.

Easy to Clean and Use

A user-friendly water pipe, remove the main lid and add water before replacing the lid. Then, flip open the mouthpiece, remove the bowl from the storage compartment, and place it in the opening. There is a silicone tether to help you do this. Pack your favorite dry herbs and start drawing. As simple as that!

What’s more, not only is the Cupsy easy to use, but it is also quick to clean. As you can easily access all its components, cleaning becomes a breeze.

Puffco Cupsy Video

Check out the video presentation of the Puffco Cupsy water pipe for a quick overview of the product.

What’s in the Box?

  • 1x Puffco Cupsy
  • 1x Ceramic Bowl

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