Pax Era

Pax Era
Pax Era

Pax Era is a vape pen for oil pods that has an anti-clog feature and is re-engineered to deliver 50% bigger hits. This pod vaporizer promises 150 puffs per charge, instant draw, four preset temperatures, and a Pop-and-Click mechanism.

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By Vapospy Team on June 4, 2024
Pax Era

Pax Era is a pod-based vaporizer with a minimalist design and intuitive interface. It’s similar to a 510 cartridge vaporizer, except it only works with Pax Era’s proprietary pods.

This revamped version has two new features; 50% bigger hits and an anti-clog system. The patented ‘heat, never burn’ technology ensures flavorful aromas, bringing out the best in your oil extracts without the harmful byproducts of combustion.

Offering a no-frills approach to vaping, this pod vaporizer is priced at $30, making it easy on the pocket. The battery charges in 45 minutes and will last for 150 puffs, or 40 – 50 sessions.

For the last version, check out the Pax Era Pro or Pax Era Life.

New Anti-Clog Feature

The latest version of the Pax Era includes an anti-clog feature that automatically prevents and breaks up clogs for a trouble-free and breezy vape experience. You don’t need to heat it a bit to get the liquid moving. All you need to do is insert your pod and let the device take care of the rest.

50% Heavier Hits

The PAX Era has been revamped to deliver faster, more abundant vapor. Enjoy 50% heavier hits, larger clouds, and enhanced sessions—all within the same portable, discreet design.

Four Temperature Settings

The Pax Era heats up instantly, and you can choose between four preset temperatures indicated by LED light ‘petals’ on the vape’s sleek exterior.

  • 1 Petal: 520°F (271°C)
  • 2 Petals: 610°F (321°C)
  • 3 Petals: 700°F (371°C)
  • 4 Petals: 790°F (421°C)

To activate one of four temperature modes and toggle between them, you can use the vape’s Pop-and-Click technology. Once you’ve chosen your temperature, the Pax Era is ready to rip.

The pod technology and the vape’s temperature control complement each other, making this pod vaporizer good to the last drop.

45 mins charge = 150 hits

The battery of Pax Era charges via micro-USB in just 45 minutes and will last you for over 150 hits. Each LED petal represents 25% of the total charge, and after each draw, the device displays the battery level.

Stylish Design and Colors

Minimalistic and pocket-sized, this one will soon become your favorite daily carrying vape. With six striking color choices and a one-year warranty, this pod vaporizer is good to the last drop.

You can also personalize the Pax Era’s stylish exterior with your designs and engravings and make it your own.

Pax Era Video

Take a look at the new features of the revamped Pax Era, a budget-friendly pod vaporizer that is priced at $30.

What’s In The Box?

  • 1x Pax Era
  • 1x Micro-USB Charge Cable


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