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Herborizer Tube Ti + Enail

Last update: 10th November 2018
Herborizer Tube Ti + E-nail
4.6 / 5.0 Rating

The Herborizer Tube Ti + Enail is an upgrade to the family, featuring a grade 2 waterproof titanium heater with the capacity of reaching up to 500°C in the form of an e-nail. The name Herborizer is not a stranger for home vaporizing connoisseurs, you may mistake this one for the basic Herborizer Tube. The new upgrade is not all about technical features, comes with a carrying case that looks like a knapsack, the vaporizer is made with style with efficiency in mind. Just like other Herborizer vaporizer, the Tube Ti + Enail is also available in different form, the Bubbler Ti + Enail.

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