G Pen Elite

The G Pen Elite offers a big 360° ceramic heating chamber, the biggest in the market during its launch with 0.11 cubic inches or 1.8mm³. It comes in an ergonomic and stylish looking design like any other GPen products such as the GPen Roam or the GPen Connect. The vaporizer operates with flexible temperature control between 94°C to 220°C and it heats up in seconds.

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Designed with elegance and functionality in mind, the G Pen Elite vaporizes dry herbs efficiently minus the hassle. The vaporizer heats up in less than 30 seconds with straightforward controls that allow full temperature control. Plus, the big chamber comes with a sloping design to ease the fill-up process.

Enormous heating chamber
Vaporizes up to 0.75 grams of dry herbs in its 360-degree ceramic heating element, the vaporizer allows more extended sessions and flavorful vapors. Other than that, it has a massive 2200mAh battery that charges only in 3 hours. Less charging time means more vaping.

Smart sized
Measuring 7.62 cm x 7.62 cm x 15.88 cm in dimension, the vaporizer fits perfectly in a pocket or your palm. The device has a smart chip technology that will automatically shut off the vaporizer after 5 minutes of idle; you may consider this as a session timer too. Other than that, it has an informative LED display for you to monitor the temperature and battery life.

The G Pen Elite video

This easy-to-use vaporizer pen is easy to use. Take a look at how it works its magic.

What’s in the box

  • 1x G Pen Elite Vaporizer
  • 1x G Pen Elite card
  • 1x G Pen Elite tool
  • 1x USB charging cable
  • 1x Cleaning brush

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