Dr. Dabber Stella

Dr. Dabber Stella

Dr. Dabber Stella is a portable vaporizer pen that's compatible with waxes and concentrates. It features a sleek, stainless steel body, ceramic mouthpiece, and quartz chamber. With a quick 5 to 10 second heat up time, the actual time depends on the heat setting you select, you can enjoy high-quality vapor because of the floating vaporizer chamber. This design preserves and maximizes flavor by distributing heat in a proportional way. Finally, Stella has four preset temperature settings including preheating (purple), low (green), medium (bluish-green), and high (orange).


This portable vaporizer has a 600 milli-amp battery that you can charge with the USB-C cord that comes with the purchase. Also, the device is pass-through compatible, so you don’t have to push ‘pause’ on your vape sessions just to recharge the battery. The Stella vape pen measures 6.3 x 4.5 x 3 cm making it easy to hold in your hand and take with you on the go. Finally, it has a magnetic mouthpiece that attaches to the ceramic atomizer to make loading your concentrates a breeze.

Four preset temperatures

Dr.Dabber Stella has four different heat settings, one being the pre-heat setting. Pressing the Dr.Dabber home button five times turns the device on, then two more clicks will initiate the purple lighting to indicate the pre-heat mode. As you cycle through the other settings, the home button will change different colors.

  • Purple: 249°C (480°F)
  • Green: 288°C (550°F)
  • Bluish-green: 332°C (629°F)
  • Orange: 413°C (775°F)

Cyclone airflow

One of the most advanced aspects of this vaporizer is the cyclone airflow design. It’s not something you can necessarily see, but it’s something you’ll notice in the vapor quality. The cutting-edge technology offsets air inlets from the chamber so that the vapor production and flavor won’t be affected at all. Therefore, you can enjoy your concentrates and their tasty flavors in the best possible way.

Quick assembly and easy to maintain

Due to the design of the Stella vaporizer, you can take the mouthpiece off with a little pull, then untwist the atomizer from the base of the pen. It doesn’t take much effort at all, and neither does the maintenance. To keep it clean, all you need is a q-tip and some isopropyl alcohol to clean out the chamber. Do this every so often, and you’ll keep the device in tip-top shape.

Dr.Dabber Stella Video

Watch this video to see how to use the Dr. Dabber Stella vaporizer.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Dr. Dabber Stella Vape Pen
  • 1x Loading Tool
  • 1x USB-C Charger

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