Arizer XQ2

Arizer XQ2

A dry herb and resin vape that’s rich with features, the Arizer XQ2 is the Swiss army knife of desktop vaporizers. Whether you dabble in direct hits or prefer a balloon system, you can be assured of a budget-friendly vaporizer that’s easy on the pocket. With a faster heat-up time, three programmable temperature settings, full temperature control, and an open airflow, you can spend less time tending to your vape and more time enjoying it. Bundled with a ton of accessories including two glass connoisseur bowls, one for deep draws and cloud-ripping hits, and a smaller one for microdoses, this vaporizer’s versatility makes it unlike any other. The LED color-changing lights communicate a lot, including when the Arizer XQ2 is heating up and session ready. The best part: With a tech-savvy remote, you can start and end a session from across the room. If potent, pure and quality vapor is at the top of your priority list, this one’s solid.

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