DaVinci Vaporizer

The brand DaVinci may reminds you of the Da Vinci code or the man Leonardo da Vinci himself. Just like it’s name the DaVinci vaporizers possess exquisite design similar to Leonardo’s creations. The DaVinci vaporizers are made in the USA and not in Italy, but it definitely possess Italian qualities as if it is either Versace, Armani or Prada version for vaporizers.

The DaVinci has existed in the market for more than 5 years and it is expected to be around longer. Comparable with the other top vaporizer brand; Storz & Bickel, the DaVinci is on top of the list for their innovations and their trust on their own product with warranty of up to 10 years!

Introduction of the latest DaVinci IQ definitely put the highlight back on the DaVinci, the “perfect herbal vaporizer” that comes with a stylish futuristic design and an app for to make your life easier. Check out the official DaVinci website for some insider tricks on how to use the vaporizer and to get other informations of course.